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Yosemite NP - Glacier Point Panorama

22 Days to WSER: Four or More Miles and Some Fissures

My fifth day of running at Yosemite National Park was possibly my favourite.

I started the day by heading up the Four-Mile Trail, a trail that I had descended a few days earlier. The trail ascends the 3000 feet (900+ metres) up to Glacier Point over approximately 4.5 miles, with many switchbacks, including a number of sections that can be run. I made it up to the top, took in the view, snapped some photos, enjoyed a bite to eat, filled up my water, and then took off to head west along the valley.

Yosemite NP - Four-Mile Trail View
Yosemite NP – Four-Mile Trail View

I took the same route I had followed up towards Sentinel Dome earlier in the week, but instead of turning up the hill for the final ascent to the top I instead followed closer to the valley towards the Fissures. The Fissures are a series of large cracks in the granite rock, occurring near Taft Point. I reached the point, admired the cracks that were large enough to fall through, and started chatting to a group who arrived just before me. The married couple with young daughter were travelling with one set of grandparents, and turned out to be from New Zealand. It turned out that the father enjoys running and had run a 100-km race a couple of years ago. After chatting for 20 minutes or so I decided it was time to set off again.

Yosemite NP - Taft Point View
Yosemite NP – Taft Point View

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