My name is Adrian Lazar Adler and I run, even without being chased.

Many people ask of runners “why do you run?”, and many runners answer (or at least attempt to answer) that question. At some point in time I might try to answer that question thoughtfully and eloquently, but in this blog, at this time I have no intention of doing so. Instead I will talk races, training, targets, gear, and anything else that comes to mind about running.

But first some more background on me. Having always been fit and having often used running in my training, I first started running with true consistency and specific targets in 2006. But upon reaching those targets I then returned to a period of non-specific running. The year 2009 was my renaissance and since that time I have continued to push myself to bigger and bolder targets.

I am an Australian currently without a permanent abode. I currently travel and run trails, with all of my big goals relating to ultra marathons.

To read my story in long form, click here.


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