Mount Gravatt Outlook - Brisbane CBD Views

Training Runs: Toohey Forest and Mount Gravatt

I spent a few days staying with a friend in Brisbane who has the envious position of living in a suburb that is surrounded on three sides by forest. Toohey Forest Conservation Park is comprised of eastern and western sections separated by a major road. Continuing through the eastern section of the park it is possible to cross under a highway to reach the Mount Gravatt campus of Griffith University, and then to climb to the top of the peak for views out over the city of Brisbane.

During my time in Brisbane I managed a number of runs in the area, covering many of the trails on offer, which vary from bitumen paths to gravel trails to beautiful single track. The trails wander around a couple of ridges, descend into gullies, and climb to the outlook at Mount Gravatt.

Through Toohey Forest and around Mt Gravatt
Through Toohey Forest and around Mt Gravatt

My stay in Brisbane certainly reinforced an idea that I would love to live somewhere with easy access to trails right from the door of my house.


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