6 Days to WSER: A Truncated Journey to the Summit

I have two pacers for my run at Western States.

I will be joined by Mike for the section from Foresthill to the Rucky Chucky river crossing. Through another Australian ultra-runner Tamyka, who has completed Western States on two occasions, I was introduced to the Stevens Creek Striders. The running club hosts the Last Chance aid station each year, and Tamyka’s pacer Dennis suggested that Mike would be the man for the job.

For the section from the river to the finish I will be joined by Louis. I met up with Louis through the pacer page on the Western States website. We had been in touch a few times since I landed in the US and would meet up for the first time to go for a run at Squaw Valley. We met up at the bottom of the tram and headed off for our return journey up to High Camp along the Granite Chief Trail. I had taken this trail a couple of times on previous visits to Squaw, a four-mile trail straight up the mountain to the escarpment.

We set off, chatting about past and future races, plans for race day, running and cycling. A cold weather front was on its way in and we were hoping to get the run in before the weather took a turn for the worse. The temperature was very mild to start, and I was expecting it to be chilly up top, so I set off wearing a jacket. The journey up involved as much walking as running as we progressed to towards the top. Right near the top we crossed a couple of patches of snow, and just as we reached the escarpment it started to rain and the wind appeared to be picking up. I suggested that it might be time to end our run, so we headed directly to the tram for the easy ride down.

We then went for lunch in the village before heading our separate ways. We will catch up again on Friday, and then on Saturday we will meet again after I have clocked up almost 80 miles of running.

For details of shortened run check out MovesCount.com here.


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