4 Days to WSER: Rains and Missed

The previous day with rain already falling when I woke up and the forecast suggesting that it would not stop all day I had decided to reschedule to add a rest day. Therefore I was very happy to be able to sneak in a run when it stopped raining in the late afternoon.

On this day the weather was forecast for rain in the morning followed by showers in the afternoon, so with the improving afternoon I expected that once again I would manage a late run when the precipitation halted. I watched the continuous rain in the morning while putting a great amount of effort into some relaxation. Then I went out for lunch, stopped for a coffee, while it still continued to rain. Throughout the afternoon I continued to look out the window and realised that it was not going to stop on this day. Therefore I added in the rest day that had almost eventuated the day before.

The 3-mile run I had intended was never crucial to my training or my preparation, but the mindset of a runner means that it is tough to miss a scheduled day of running. Maybe my legs will be 3 miles fresher for race day.


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