20 Days to WSER: A Wander Through a Grove

In six days in Yosemite National Park I had covered just under 132 miles (212 km), with over 30,200 ft (9,200 m) of ascent and 32,800 ft (10,000 m) of descent. Then on day seven I rested. Well, almost.

After six full days in the park I would depart on day seven out of the southern exit. On my way I would stop at the Mariposa Grove of Sequoias to check out the largest trees in the park. I drove out towards the exit and stopped beside the visitor center in order to gather some information. But then I noticed a shuttle bus heading out towards the grove and didn’t want to wait for the next one, so I decided to just hop on and work out my plans on the fly.

I stepped off the shuttle bus and found myself a map of the Mariposa Grove. It was considerably larger than I had anticipated and the possible walking distances considerably further. I worked out a loop that would include a number of the most famous trees including the Grizzly Giant (one of the largest in the grove), the California Tunnel Tree (cut in 1895 to allow horse-drawn stages to pass through), the Faithful Couple (two trees that have fused together at their bases), and the Clothespin Tree (where numerous fires have excavated a tunnel wider than a car). My route would cover about 2.5 miles of walking.

Yosemite NP - Mariposa Grove
Yosemite NP – Mariposa Grove

It was a nice walk with plenty of elevation change for a casual rest day. I completed my walk, took the shuttle bus back to my car and exited the park. My rest day had incorporated more exercise than most visitors to the park would include in their most strenuous.


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