27 Days to WSER: A Recovering Bike Path

On returning to my car after midnight (read why here) I had noticed an email informing me that I had been successful in my lottery application for a permit to climb the cables at Half Dome. The peak in Yosemite National Park is so steep that there are only two options to get up: secure a permit to climb up with the cables or climb up the rock face. The bulk of permits are opened up to the public earlier in the year, and the permits for every day of the year apparently sold out within 15 minutes. That left the daily lottery, where each day 50 spots are opened up for climbing the cables two days later. That meant that my Saturday email was informing me that I had a permit … for Monday.

That made Sunday a travel day but that was fine since I was due for an easy running day after the week to date. I decided that a short recovery run was in order so I made my way from Auburn to the Folsom Lakes State Recreation Area. I arrived to find out that the entire area where I had planned my run was closed for a wake boarding event, but they instead directed me to another area of the lake. I made my way there and unfortunately found out that all of the trails there were paved. I hopped onto a bike trail, headed out a bit over a mile before turning around to complete a 2.5 mile run. I then soaked my legs in the lake for 10 minutes and continued south to Sonora, where I would stay the night before heading through to Yosemite early the next morning.


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