32 Days to WSER: Preparations for Hiking

After 7 straight days of running since arriving in the US (totalling 147 miles or 236 km) I had my first day off for the trip. I had been shopping for plenty of camping and hiking gear since arriving, and picked up a lightweight tent on the day for its first use that night.

I headed across to Incline Village in Nevada to visit the Tahoe Rim Trail Association since I was planning to spend 2-3 days fast-packing (lightweight hiking) the trail. The entire trail is a 165 mile (265 km) circuit around the rim in which Lake Tahoe is located. I worked out a route that would take me along the east side of the rim since there was still plenty of snow along the west side.

Lake Tahoe from the Drive to Mt Rose
Lake Tahoe from the Drive to Mt Rose

I drove up to Mt Rose, the highest year-round pass over the Sierra Mountains and camped out in a deserted campground. It was quite eery since it was a very well setup campground with food storage lockers, picnic tables, and smoothed-out patches for pitching tents. I camped overnight and was all set to head out on the trail the following morning.

Mt Rose Campground
Mt Rose Campground

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