Training: What is your excuse?

Every Wednesday morning my training group currently runs the route known as the Four Peaks Challenge and previously we ran our former route, the Bryanston Half. Both of these routes share the last 8 km section in common.

As we run this last section we almost always pass a woman running the opposite direction to us. She is possibly aged in her 50’s, with long blonde hair, and she is always wearing a pair of shorts and a casual singlet that would fit in very well on the outdoor deck at a pub during summer. Despite looking very little like a runner, every time we pass this particular woman she is running down the same hill as we run up. In over a year of running the two routes we have seen her out there almost every time we are there.

Last week as I climbed up the hill I looked ahead to see her walking down the hill. She had her left arm in a cast from upper arm to wrist, and was obviously unable to run. Therefore she was out for a walk instead. As we passed each other, I greeted her with a “Good Morning” and she responded with a few words to communicate that her arm had been broken when she was hit by a car. But importantly she was still out and exercising.

This morning we ran the Four Peaks Challenge, and once again I past her walking down the hill. A broken arm hasn’t stopped her from training. What is your excuse?


One thought on “Training: What is your excuse?

  1. Every Wednesday morning I miss out on an epic run with some amazing guys because I have to be at work before they even finish. Plus, my wife is a runner and we work late on Wednesdays and no one wants to run after the long staff meeting; hence she runs first, then I run. So I run on a terribly busy road, against 500 people walking the other way, across sewer run off, around rutted trails, through garbage, and arrive at work, soaked in sweat, rushed to shower, glad that I survived another day on these roads. That’s my excuse, but I know where I would rather be.

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